FREE PCB Calculator 2018 Download, Malaysia – Salary / Bonus Calculation

Software updated for 2018.

LHDN has not provided SCHEDULE OF MONTHLY TAX DEDUCTION (for the employer who does not use computerised payroll software)

Alternatively download Actpay Trial version (30+ days)

The Online PCB Calculator 2018 (Kalkulator PCB) provided by LHDN Malaysia allows users to calculate their monthly PCB (MTD) online. Alternatively, LHDN also provides a PCB Table (SCHEDULE OF MONTHLY TAX DEDUCTION) for users to do their PCB payroll calculations manually.

Although quite easy to use to get monthly PCB values, doing the PCB payroll calculations for Bonus and certain allowances can be quite complicated. Also getting the right PCB values using these two methods can be time consuming when doing the monthly payroll. [Read More…]